Code Of Conduct

Code of conduct

Marine Focus (NZ) Limited personnel, whether employed or contracted, abide by the principles prescribed below which are based on the International Institute of Marine Surveyors Code of Conduct.


All MFNZL representatives must have a sound foundation in the general knowledge of their profession in addition to appropriate and adequate experience. He/She must keep up to date in their skills and knowledge in their respective fields through continual professional development.


When conducting investigation, survey or assessing duties MFNZL representatives must adopt an impartial and objective approach in all aspects of his/her work.


When conducting investigation, survey or assessing duties MFNZL representatives will be independent of the client commissioning the work.


A MFNZL representative will:

  • not be influenced by outside pressures
  • only seek to reach agreements based on objective conclusions
  • not make any undisclosed personal gain or profit from the disposal of damaged goods or materials or from the use of information gained.

Client relations

When undertaking work MFNZL representatives will:

  • never bias or modify his/her professional opinions for personal gain or in response to any form of pressure from whatever source
  • will obtain from a principal clear Terms of Reference and confine his/her report to the agreed Terms
  • only undertake to carry out assignments for which he is properly qualified.
  • accept arbitration when all parties involved agree to this method of solving disputes recognise that his/her first duty is to the clients instructions and endeavour to sustain an open relationship with the client whilst, at all times, maintaining professional integrity
  • ensure projects are managed in an efficient and professional manner and the Client’s interests remain paramount.

Professional relations

A MFNZL representative will:

  • co-operate with colleagues to achieve a complete and objective survey or to form a effective project team.
  • not allow agreements reached by a surveyor in charge of a case to be modified by the direction of any organisation to which he/she belongs
  • not criticise a fellow surveyor or colleague to third parties
  • ensure strict confidentiality over information received from third parties whom are not involved with the case in hand
  • negotiate fees which represent good value and are agreed by the client.
  • discuss with other attending surveyors any contradictory statements or differences of opinion before issuing a final report.


Where recognised international, national or local authority standards exist for any type of survey or work, then these standards shall always be observed. Any variance from these standards, together with the surveyor's reasons for such variance, are to be fully recorded and the principal's agreement obtained.

Personal conduct

A MFNZL representative will not practice during a period when his/her judgement is or might be impaired through any cause and will endeavour to avoid actions, which lead to the discredit of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors, Marine Surveyors, his Client and his/her own professional reputation.